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Ruth Shearn

RMS PR Marketing & Design

Ruth Shearn

Founder, RMS PR Marketing & Design

Ruth started RMS in her back bedroom 30 years ago and has grown it into one of the most highly regarded marketing agencies in the region.

Her talented teams of copywriters, designers, digital marketers, web developers and PR pros all work together to help clients thrive. Being ‘channel neutral’ means that RMS doesn’t have a preferred service to push so only ever gives the best advice to clients.

As well as having stacks of legal sector expertise, RMS works with businesses from a wide range of sectors and several household brands.

Ruth is proud to have worked on the Manchester Legal Awards since they were an idea on a page. She still gets a buzz when she sees the design work and website created by her team each year, not to mention the social and media coverage.

Over the years, Ruth has sought and bought legal advice, both professionally and personally, which makes her an ideal member of the judging panel.