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Fran Eccles-Bech

Manchester Law Society

Fran Eccles-Bech

Chief Executive, Manchester Law Society

She is a key figure in Manchester’s legal community and her role includes providing Manchester Law Society with an extensive range of services and events for both members and non-members, dealing with marketing, strategy, financial management, human resources, compliance, sales, supporting the Officers, Council and Committees, acting as the focal point for the Society, and managing and overseeing staff and operations.

Under Fran’s leadership the Manchester Law Society is one of the largest and most active local law societies in the country, in what is now acknowledged as the biggest legal centre outside of London.

Fran’s detailed knowledge of, and contacts in the legal profession and wider business community have ensured that, under her leadership, Manchester Law Society is a dynamic, vibrant and respected organisation.

Fran is a powerful advocate for her members and a valuable source of knowledge on all matters relating to the law from a national, regional and local perspective.

Fran was the first person from the legal profession to be awarded a Variety Club of Great Britain Legends of Industry Award in 2015 for her outstanding contribution to the legal profession and is named annually in the 250 most influential people in Greater Manchester.

Fran sits on the Boards of the North West Legal Support Trust and The Healthy Living Foundation.

Fran’s hobbies, she says, are “my lovely Spanish husband, Peds, my 25 year old son, Jack (aka “Still Kevin”), gardening BUT ONLY in the summer, shopping (NOT window), cooking for friends, reading when I get a minute, trying to ride my motorbike (I passed my test in June a few years ago) but only ride in fair weather and when I can fit into my leathers (which isn’t very often!) and, very sadly, reality tv shows”.